Tuesday, June 24, 2014

what to do in the SUMMER!

Oh what to do in the summer time...

*all activities have been personally tested & approved 

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3688 Redwood Rd, West Valley City, UT 8411 (801) 973-7088
My favorite way to do a drive in movie is to fill the back of a truck with pillows and blankets, then everyone piles in to watch the movie! BONUS: you only have to pay once to watch two movies!  

Personal fave: Hokulia Shave Ice (1445 N Canyon Rd)

Why: All you really need to know is that for $5, you can get a shaved ice with coconut ice-cream that's larger than your head. As one reviewer on Yelp said, "the texture of the ice here is UNREAL. You can't call it ice. It's like little baby penguins in Antartica took freshly fallen snow into an igloo and put it in a magical machine and out came Hokulia's shave ice. 

Get a group of 6 people, charge each person $12, and rent a raft from BYU Outdoors. Go down the Provo River, or take the raft out to Utah Lake!   

All you have to do is wear a flannel shirt. 
Find a rodeo near you: rodeoz

Park City is the greatest because
  1. The outlet stores are amazing- you can actually afford J-crew here
  2. For $26 you can ride both the alpine slide AND the mountain coaster 
  3. So much to do (full Park City guide here: Park City Summer
  4. Potential celeb sightings (Harry Styles was once at Park City) 

    An angel at Park City


Friday, November 9, 2012

Surviving WINTER!

the to dos of winter

SNOW SNOW SNOW. Winters in Utah can be rough-they seem to last forever. And you deal with A LOT of snow. Here are some ideas to help make these months cozier and more fun :) 

GO SNOWBOARDING OR SKIING!  There are all these beautiful mountains around and so you might as well take advantage of it! Utah's famous for their skiing. You can get a ski pass at Sundance for a great price if you're a student! 

GO UP TO TEMPLE SQUARE!  It's a great group date activity!  The lights and decorations are beautiful- it's an experience you cannot miss out on!  They even have carriage rides that go around the temple and salt lake! 

DRINK A LOT OF COCOA. There's nothing better than taking a warm bath, putting on cozy pajamas and cuddling up in a blanket with hot cocoa. (tip: freeze a pan of whipped cream and use cookie cutter to cut out shapes)

STYLE. Winter style is the best-hands down. Leggings and sweatshirts are basically pajamas but they are stylish! Everybody wins.

Places to shop:

  • H&M
  • Gap
  • Old Navy
Things to buy:
  • leg warmers
  • beanies
  • sweatshirts 
  • boots
  • scarves

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Seven Peaks is such a great time! It has many different elements to it! 

There is the water park is always a great time!  It's the right amount of water rides where you feel like you can get your money's worth.  And the people there are super friendly and it's great getting a nice tan!  sevenpeaks.com 

A second little part to Seven Peaks is the ice rink!  They have a billion different activities! You can go ice skating, play broom hockey, play soccer, play ice hockey, and so much more!! There are plenty of great options and they are all good date ideas. http://provo.org/peaks.main.html 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Get ready for the...SNOW!

Go skiing or boarding! there's a resort called Sundance not too far away. If you've never skied or snowboarded have someone teach you! Dress warm, enjoy the slopes then go home and have hot chocolate :) p.s. night skiing is also really fun...just watch out if its cold because the snow will be icy with no sun

Have a snow ball fight! They're fun and if you get a big group its great to make it a war!

Go on a hike in the snow! It's fun and it is such an amazing view!

Outfits for the seasons!



sunset by california22 featuring a sailor shirt

Mustard yellow and stripes, classic fall look!

Untitled #18

Brown is a must need for fall! Especially when it is matched with Chambray.


gray's far from dull when paired with bright jeans!

 winter by california22 featuring beaded jewelry

Simple, yet elegant!

Untitled #15

Leggings are great for winter!


red rain boots-so cute